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Float Testimonials


“I just floated for the second time today and have found the best addiction ever. After my first float I felt totally relaxed and slept over 11 hours that night. I have multiple sclerosis and disc degeneration in my spine. For a whole week after my first float I had no pain and I have chronic daily pain. I experienced relief from digestive issues as well. If I could float daily I would. I waited nearly two weeks to come back for a second float but that felt like an eternity. It is one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had. Jen and her daughter are so warm and welcoming and immediately make you feel at home. When floating at Harmony you know you’re more than just income… they value and deeply care about their customers, they want to help you feel better and it shows. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful place right here in Edwardsville. You simply just must try floating at Harmony, become addicted to something your body will thank you for.” – Erica G.

“Just floated for the first time and absolutely loved it! Felt so at peace and in tune with my body and mind. Having all the space was wonderful. I did the float to prepare for my NCLEX Exam to obtain my RN license. I got all my studying done to prepare, just needed to work on the whole taking a deep breath part. I take it tomorrow and am in such a better mind set.” – Alyssa S.

“First time in the float suite and first time floater. I had spent all weekend moving furniture and cleaning a whole house and the float tank was the absolute best cure for my aching muscles ever! And, my hair and skin feel awesome. Will return again and again! This is my new #1 best small business in Edwardsville!” – Gayle M.

“Amazing is the first word that comes to mind after coming out of the tank. This was my first float and I loved it! What a perfect way to end the year and start fresh. My advice for a first time floater would be to just trust the water and let it happen.” – Ashley N.

“Wow. I was a 1st-time floater and I will be back. Had no idea how restorative an hour in the tank could be. Kudos to Jen and her daughter for running a 1st class operation!” – Jeff P.

“Absolutely fantastic! I scheduled my float one day last week! Today, when I came in I had messed my back & hip up. After my float I am moving better than I have in years.” – Kristin S.

“I was a little nervous about what to expect, but my float was so relaxing. I’m so glad this is available so close to home.” – Greta S.

“Great first float – I am recovering from shoulder surgery and the experience gave me pain-free release throughout. I’ll definitely do it again!” – Larry L.